Pop Your Collar


If you’re like me, and have a little bit of vintage-old-timey-ness in you, you may or may not be the proud owner of a pair (or two) of clip-on earrings. If this is the case, then – great news! – you already have one half of the necessary items for this lightening quick DIY. The other half? A collared shirt of any variety.

While perusing my closet the other day for a  bit of a fall clean out, I came across a glittery pair of art deco style clip-ons that I absolutely love, but they pinch my ears to the point that I find them uncomfortable to wear. In seeking out another use for them, I had this Eureka(!) moment. What a fun way to spice up my wardrobe staples! If you don’t already have clip-ons in your accessory arsenal, they can be purchased quite inexpensively at a costume jewelry retailer or (and especially) at flea markets or vintage shops.


All you have to do is grab your earrings and clip them on the collar of your favourite shirt. Come to think of it, this could also work with regular pierced earrings as long as the shirt’s material isn’t too thick to pierce the earrings through, or too fine that the holes could damage it.



xo Ali

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