The Modern Friendship Bracelet

modern friendship bracelet

As they say, everything old becomes new again, and the friendship bracelets of your nineties dreams are back in a big way! And while I am usually a minimalist when it comes to jewelry and accessories, lately I’ve been feeling the desire to pile on layers of colourful baubles to eek out the last few days of summer. I followed these instructions from Honestly WTF and decided on a neutral black and silver option to begin with.

friendship bracelet2

rhinestone friendship brace

Much like the afternoon I spent tie dying in my backyard, weaving cord and stringing beads brought me right back to those summer camp days when friendship bracelets adorned my wrist as not only a fashion statement but as symbols of a summer well spent. Saying goodbye see you soon to those close to me this week got me inspired to make this little bracelet, and who knows!? Maybe some special ladies will see one arrive in their mailbox when they least expect it…?

modern friendship bracelet

xo Ali

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