Host(ess) Gift Guide


With the spring thaw calling your long-lost loved ones out of hibernation, you may begin to notice an uptick in your social calendar. Pools will be heated, barbecues uncovered, and a general willingness to leave the comfort of home will increase among fair-weather friends. Whether you find yourself at a formal dinner party, casual get together, or wild piñata-whacking fiesta, it’s always nice to show your appreciation to your host with a little token. A bottle of wine is the standard (and trust, this is always a safe call) but I say, why not mix it up!?

So without further ado, I give you…the Mint Sprinkles Ultimate Host(ess) Gift Guide!


1. Glass Water Bottle | 2. Flowers for Her/Plant for Him

3. Designer Candles | 4. Personalized Hand Towel


1. Oil & Vinegar Set | 2. Cook Book

3. Fine Chocolates | 4. Gourmet Tea or Coffee


1. Trendy Libations | 2. Shatterproof Wine Glasses

3. Portable Wine Chiller | 4. Quotable Coasters


1. Cheeky Sticky Notes | 2. Desk Puzzle

3. Book Ends | 4. Coffee Table Book

xo Ali

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