DIY Bow Bracelet


I have to say, I’m in love with my new little bow bracelet. I’ve worn it bunches since I crafted it just a few short days ago, and it feels like an extra special piece knowing I made it myself. It may look super technical, but I promise you don’t need to be a jewelry whiz to make one yourself!


You’ll need:

– round nose pliers, and a small metal cutter

– silver or gold jewelry wire (22 – 24 gauge)

– jewelry chain in matching metal (or different metal if you want to go for a mixing metals look), size of links is up to you

– a jewelry clasp kit including a closure and at least 4 round links

(I found all of my supplies here)


What now?:

– draw (to scale) the shape you want to create with the wire on to a piece of paper. I chose a bow, but you could really do any simple shape; your initial maybe?

– use round nose pliers to curve jewelry wire to mimic the pattern you have created on paper. Take your time and don’t worry if it takes a few tries to get it smooth – at least you have a whole roll of wire!

– measure your wrist with the jewelry chain and cut it to size* with your metal cutters, then cut that one piece in the middle to create two identical length chains.

– using your round nose pliers, open the round clasp links and attach one to each end of both jewelry chains (4 total).


– next, attach one round link (with chain) to each end of the bow (as per the image above).

– finally, attach the clasp closure to one of the free ends of the jewelry chains.

– Et voilà! A dainty little bow bracelet to simplify a wild outfit, or layer up with something a bit more plain.

*you may find that you need to adjust the bracelet size to be a bit smaller once all the clasp pieces are added. If so, simply remove the round links, cut the chain to size and re-attach them afterward.


xo Ali

2 thoughts on “DIY Bow Bracelet

  1. Love this! I think it could be adapted for the yoga retreat! Peace signs? Hearts? Yin and Yang? Thanks-great idea.

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