Friday Faves


Most of the time, the best way to discover something new is through word-of-mouth. An excellent recommendation from a friend or trusted source goes a long way in piquing your curiosity. So when I find a new product or idea I love, I am always happy to spread the word. This could by why I’ve navigated my life toward social media – it’s like word-of-mouth on steroids! Here’s what I’m spreading the love for this week in my Friday Faves…

1. You should be wasting your time on this site right now.

2. I can’t get enough of this Ralph Lauren bracelet, a recent gift that seems to go with everything!

3. The new app that’s saving my life, organizationally speaking is

4. My current go-to indulgence is Lindt’s Excellence Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt.

5. It seems I’ve reached the apex of winter pale-ness, and the only saving grace is the i-Bronze towel by Marcelle. It provides the perfect natural glow with no streaks or orange hue.

6. I discovered Brandy Melville on a recent trip to NYC and have been living in these one-size-fits-all masterpieces of comfort ever since. I recommend the Bettina hoodie.

Happy long weekend!

xo Ali

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