On Being a Fire(wo)man

firemen uniforms

I don’t know about you, but I’m reeeeally not a morning person. I’ve tried and oh, have I failed.

The one and only thing I have in common with firemen and women is this one little trick that makes my mornings infinitely easier and more efficient (read: more snooze time) and that trick is selecting and laying out my clothes the night before. This is actually something I’ve done for a very long time, since about as long as I have been choosing my own clothes. The only difference is now I don’t lay them out in the shape of a person on my floor, I hang them neatly cause I’m an adult, damn it!

If you ever feel frazzled in the morning, try my fire(wo)man method. It takes all the guess-work out of the morning routine and restores it to just that, a routine. Every other step of your daily prep process will be whittled down to repetitive tasks that you barely have to think about (wash face, brush teeth, make-up, you know the drill). Picking out my outfit the night before avoids sweaty, frustrated, last-minute wardrobe changes in the morning and gets me from pillow to front door in 20 minutes flat. You’re welcome!

xo Ali

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